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A tour consists of spots. The spots are related by subject or location. Tours may also show an (accessable) route.

Every tour has its own webpage with information about the tour. The webpage shows a map with the locations of the spots and the route, if there is any.

Tours may offer additional information for download. This can be maps in PDF-format or GPX-files for your navigation device. You may also find KML-files for showing the tour in Google Earth TM.


A geo-spot is point of interest which can be ldescribed by latitude and longitude. This can be a buildung, a memorial, a park or any other place.

If you use our app "Spotty" TM you can navigate to these geo-spots supported by GPS and map.

Places without geo-information are spots. This can be any place you can go to. Spots can reside inside or outside of buildings.

Every spot has its own webpage with information. Webpages for geo-spots show a map with the location of the spot.

You can access the webpage by QR-code.


Coupons are an instrument for marketing activities. In conjunction with our app "Spotty" TM our coupons can be used for campaigns (rebate, 2 for 1 etc.).

Our coupons are Geo-QR-codes. If you scan such a coupon with our App "Spotty" TM the location stored in the code is stored as a geo-spot and a favorite on the mobile device. The QR-code can be used for verification purposes.